Sex reassignment surgery is the surgical process that transsexuals use to harmonize their anatomical sex with their sexual identity. Usually focuses on the genitalia (surgery of genital reconstruction), in which operations such as vaginoplasty or phalloplasty are performed. But there are also non-genital operations such as those performed at Dr. Terren’s plastic surgery clinic, such as facial surgery or mastectomy. The intervention for reassignment of sex, which is part of a multidisciplinary treatment, can not be performed without first being diagnosed, for which it is evaluated that the patient shows discomfort and disgust to their anatomical sex together with a feeling of long duration of belonging to the sex Opposed for at least two years, and a desire for sex change in order to live in a role of the opposite sex. In addition, there must be absence of homosexual behaviors, physical abnormalities and schizophrenic etiology. In case a patient undergoes surgery, surgery that is valued at about 18,000 euros, must be admitted the day before surgery, when given a bowel preparation and antibiotic prophylaxis. In order to have the appearance of a woman, the most frequent operation that a male is subjected to is vaginoplasty, which consists of making skin grafts in which the inverted skin is placed on a light mold that is inserted into a dissected neovagina. If a woman wants to be transformed into a man, falloplastia, which consists of the construction of a penis, is usually performed and was first performed in 1936. Microsurgery has allowed the use of well vascularized tissues, and in 1984 Chang and Hwang succeeded in giving it a semi-mechanical function. At present it has even been possible to bring erogenous sensitivity to neofalo. Like any operation, which in this case is also delicate and complex, sex reassignment surgery has its risks. The most frequent complications in vaginoplasty are retraction and stenosis (narrowing of a duct), more important in partial grafts and, occasionally, the appearance of ulcers. In surgery that physically transforms a woman into a man, the main problems are those related to the urinary tract and penile prostheses.


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